Naomi RaMona Schliesman, Contemporary Artist

I seek to create objects and installations that create a collision of scale and materiality with ideas that are not fixed in our interpretation of them. I use materials associated with craft; like wood, fiber, plaster, and metal. I juxtapose the visual weight of these resources while utilizing the architectural grid. This is done with the intention of extending an understanding of interior versus exterior, hard versus soft, and domestic versus institutional.

Science and disease has been a driving force in my work for most of my career. My fascination with the scientific has helped me further understand disease and how to cope with its devastating effects. My research into the world of the unseen has led to an exploration of the world of subjective visualization.

Large ideas like sex, religion and death are monolithic concepts. These ideas when viewed through a cultural lens are opaque. Through my preoccupation with these ideas I ask the viewer to consider their personal awareness of these themes.

Occupied Cognition - Panoramic View